Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bargain Hunting


What a day Mary and I had! We left home about 10 a.m. this morning and headed for the little town of Vian, which is about 18 miles from our place. It might be 400/500 people, but it has some great antique and 2nd hand stores! Mary was looking for a small square table to fit in a corner of her 5th Wheel to put her ice machine on. And I was just looking, but thought I'd like to have a small, movable island for my kitchen since my counter space is limited. As you can see, I found one! I'll give details later. The first place we stopped at was a normal retail store of mostly accessories for decorating, along with some furniture, etc. The great thing was that everything in the store was 50% off!! And wouldn't you know, out on the sidewalk as we got out of the car, there was the table Mary wanted! So she bought that before we even got inside the store! Inside was beyond words.........their stuff is so neat, you just want to buy it all! Mary found another little table to set beside her recliner, and I can't remember what else. I found some new, big flags for my flag stand outside and was in heaven. They were marked down to $12.50 and then I got 1/2 off that! So I bought 3 of them -- one with a black and white cow, one with a scarecrow, and one with a big red cardinal and fall leaves. The one I had on there was so tattered and torn it was beyond ugly! So, that was a great find and buy. We left there and went to 4 more stores. Mary bought something in every one of them....old cookbooks, book ends, eagle knick knack, etc. I just looked, not finding anything that really took my fancy.
Mary started giving me a bad time because I wasn't buying anything, but I was being a penny pincher! Then in the 6th store, which is really, really a junk store, I found my little island! It was buried under some stuff in a garage like room. The owner came out and told me it was $20. So I bought it! You can see how cute it is....2 side shelves fold up to make a bigger work space, there is a drawer and 3 nice wire baskets for onions, potatoes, etc. Now, it was very wobbly, but I knew my Ronnie could fix it for me. I had to go to the hardware store and buy 4 casters and some screws which cost me $10, so now my bargain wasn't such a bargain all of a sudden! But, I love it, and Ronnie fixed it up nice and sturdy.

After that, we headed back to Gore (towards home) so I could go to the hardware store for the casters and screws. Mary suggested we stop at the Garden Gate which is a wonderful consignment antique mall, and it has Emily's Tea Room, where she bought me lunch. We felt so dirty from rummaging through all the junk stores that the first thing we had to do was find the restroom and wash up! Then to the tea room and order a big tall iced tea and a sandwich. The tea really hit the spot, and the sandwich was very good. I brought half of mine home and Ronnie ate it! We looked around some in the store part and Mary found me a cute little round dish with a lid with a rooster on top to use for my sea salt. I wanted something to put salt in and just use my fingers to salt stuff like they do on the cooking shows. Don't ask me why, I just did!

So that was our day.........very productive we think; but I don't think our husbands think so! It was great fun, the only draw back being the 95 degree weather and going in and out of it. I think I spent a total of about $55 which wasn't tooooo bad! Can't wait to need something else so we can do it again! :)

Gotta go, take care and God Bless!

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Anonymous said...

Teri, I have a little island just like that one. Joe bought it for me a couple of years ago as one of my Xmas presents. I put my potato's and onions in it too. I don't think I have ever used it as extra space. It sits under my telephone and I use it for my coupons and junk mail. Wish I was there to tootle around with you and Mary. I went to a Queen's Council meeting in B'ham today. Had a great lunch at The Club. A very ritzy country club that sits way up on a hill overlooking B'ham.The lady who hosted is a member of the club and she set it up. Nice day, good fellowship. Love you, God Bless Kay