Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Half Way and Cooler


I love this picture.........I think I posted it before because I wanted to show the changing color of the trees, but this time I wanted you to notice the "barns" or out buildings in the background. I remember the first time I went by those buildings on my way to this property, and how they reminded me of the "olden" days. They are what a homestead place should look like to me.

So, here it is Wednesday and the week is half gone! And it's much cooler today; this morning it was only 64 when I got up. The news said it was 87 in Tulsa, but with the heat index it felt like 84! Now that's a switch. We get another day of this and then it goes up a little, into the 90's, but NOT into the 100's. Praise the Lord.

I did some vacuuming today and baked some blackberry bread. I had gotten the recipe from a fellow blogger and had to give it a try. It's good, but I think I should have used more sugar as it is not sweet and is kind of blah. Next time I'll add more sugar. But I'm sure it will be great with my coffee in the mornings!

My brother cooked pork ribs for supper tonight on his little BBQ grill. He had a plate with ribs stacked sky high! They were very good, and he puts a rub on them rather than a BBQ sauce. Of course I had to make the potato salad to go with them and we had some spicy grillin' beans (that nobody liked) and red and green peppers sliced up. Was a good supper and nice to be sharing a meal together. Our place is the "supper" place as they don't have room in their 5th wheel for the 4 of us.

That's about it from Green Country. Hope you all are enjoying the last days of summer. Take care and God Bless.

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Tom Spithaler said...

beautiful picture. Reminds me of home in wastern PA.