Wednesday, August 18, 2010



A lazy dog summer's day, or however that saying goes! Today was lazy! Even Patch, the lazy dog just laid on the floor and stayed cool.

My brother didn't come in yesterday as planned, but came in today about Noon. And up until that time I had done nothing but get dressed and play a few songs on the piano. Which seems REALLY loud in this much smaller space! But I still love it. After Tom and Mary came in and visited for awhile they went over to their place to unload the big truck and get comfy for a couple of weeks.

This evening my brother came over and he and I played a few games of Cribbage. Had been a long time since we played. Final score: Tom 4 - Teri 3. Oh well, there's always tomorrow! My oldest grand daughter left for Korea today. She will be teaching English as a second language over there for a year. I must call my daughter when I'm done here and comfort her, as I know she will be at a loss. Hopefully, will hear about my van tomorrow. It's 9 days tomorrow I've been without it!

So, I'm done. I hope you all have lazy days once in a while. Take care and God Bless.

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