Tuesday, August 17, 2010



Well, this is how my piano came home. In the back of a Ford F-150 Pickup. Wrapped in moving blankets and a blue tarp and strapped down so it wouldn't move! There was no one here to help unload it last night - Ronnie got home about 6 p.m. - so it had to sit in the driveway overnight. I was so afraid it would rain, even though it was covered; But, the Lord took care of it and it was fine.

Ronnie was up bright and early this morning and went to town to buy some casters to make a piano dolly. He got it put together, took the hand rails off the stairs to the front porch and asked if I had muscles to help him! I knew I could not be of any help and I certainly didn't want him trying it alone, so I called our pastor's wife to see if Pastor Kerry could help. She called him at the church and bless his heart, he said he would help us. But, there was no one else he knew at home to come with him and help. Now Pastor Kerry had not been to our house before, and even though it is quite easy to find, he got lost! Thank goodness for cell phones; we finally got him on the right track and he found us. Ronnie was waiting for him at the bottom of our hill to show him how to go around and get here since he didn't have 4 wheel drive (which you need to come up our hill!). Anyway, the neighbor came home and he came to help also, so there were 3 of them and I wasn't needed after I shoved the dolly under the piano when they picked it up. But alas, the dolly wouldn't roll in the truck bed so they had to "muscle" it out off the truck onto the porch. Once on the porch it was pretty easy, but did produce a lot of sweat!

Isn't she a beauty? This is after I cleaned it up with Murphy's Soap Oil and a nice, soft, cotton rag. It sure takes up a lot of the room I made for it! Pastor Kerry had never seen a player piano "in person" and so he picked out a roll for me to play - a Frank Sinatra one. He says he and Cassie (his wife) and kids will be back to play more! He's such a young 'un. The picture below is of the rolls of songs that I have. Plus the bin below with Christmas songs in it. There are way over 100 rolls on these 2 shelves. Can't wait to play them all again!

So, all went well, I'm happy and so you just know everybody's happy! :) My van is still not fixed, the 2nd master cylinder they ordered is not the right one - again - so don't know when I'll get my car back. I'm so glad the Lord has taught me patience! Thankful is a better word than glad I think. My brother will be in tonight sometime for another couple of weeks. So it will be busy around here. That's it for now. Take care and God Bless.

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carolina nana said...

What a great piano and wow you do have a lot of catching up to do on your music with all those rolls.
I know you'll have so much fun.
Enjoy !!
Have a blessed tomorrow.