Thursday, September 26, 2013

Marvelous Monday


I remember the days when the thought of a Monday ruined my Sunday!  That was pre-retirement times...........This past Monday was so enjoyable I wish there could be more like it!  We started out with a trip to "town" (pop. 900) to take the "kids" to the Vet.

This is Patch, the Border Collie big brother of the two.  He had to go in to get his Rabies booster for the year.  He took it like a champ, as usual.  The weigh in didn't really go in his favor though - 69 pounds - and told us he needs to lose a few!  Right..............

This is Salli, the Blue Heeler Mix little sister.  She had to have some staples taken out below her eye and next to her lower lip.  We've been going to the Vet for months trying to figure out what is causing the infection and excessive scratching, etc. with no results.  So she had some biopsies done, hence the staple stitches.  And come to find out, it's all caused by allergies of some kind.  And I cannot afford to have any more testing done so we will just take it as it comes.  I'm sure when the steroids are done she will be back to scratching up a storm!   sigh  I'm sure it is something she eats outside since the "signs" show up around her mouth and face.  It's tough being a canine Mom!
Anyway, after leaving the Vet we stopped at the Webbers Falls Park on the Arkansas River and let them romp a bit.  Patch even went in the river to retrieve a stick and did some swimming!   Salli wasn't about to go in the water so she just watched.  It was a beautiful, warm day though, and the river was beautiful.  Wish I'd taken my camera! 
After leaving there we stopped by Burger King and got us each an ice cream cone, with a dish of it for the "kids".  Boy were they lapping that up!   Now, what did I say about the weigh in??  lol

It sure proves that it's the little things in life that make it all worth while!  Until next time, take care.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Fall Things


Another week has passed!  It seems everytime I plan to write more than once a week, I don't make it!  Oh well, what's a few days here or there?!  When you are retired one day is like the next anyway!  It's a grand thing.

I couldn't resist taking this picture of the leaves that have fallen from the little oak tree.  This is kind of my view from the computer room window, and I love watching the leaves "rain" down on a gentle breeze!  I'm sure the other trees will follow suit soon.  My friend Kathy said the leaves are coming down because of the drought;  I said it is because it is Fall, and they are!  Besides, they say our drought is over...............  It was nice to see green grass and fields all summer for a change.  And farmers/ranchers have mown hay fields at least twice, if not 3 times, already this year and I bet they could get one more haying out of it!

Can you tell what these are?  It's our first experience growing them! 

The question is:  How do you know when to pick them?


I'm thinking when the big leaves turn brown and fall off then you can pick them.  Anyone know if that's right?

All those black dots at the end of the leave stems will turn in to brussell sprouts like the others......I think!  Or would if there was enough time.  If anyone knows when to harvest please let me know!!

I've only seen these growing once in my lifetime, and the lady was picking them in December.  BUT, that was in Washington State, and the climate is very different than here in Oklahoma, so maybe the harvest time is different too.  At any rate, it was a fun thing to watch grow this summer, and I hope we get to eat some of them!

I'm done for this time.  Oh, to my blogging friend Doris, Grammy of 16 now?  I don't know that one is ever "done" with their house!  :)  But in general, it is what it is! and what it's ever going to be!   I'm getting the itch to do some painting and kitchen re-decorating though!  Glad you are home safe and sound.

Until next time, take care...............

Thursday, September 5, 2013

It's Getting Closer!


Here it is the 5th of September already.........the last Summer holiday is over, school has started everywhere (I assume), and people are settling down to a routine;  me, I'm just waiting for the temps to drop and the leaves to start turning so I'll know Fall has arrived!  Probably my favorite time of the year.

I took this picture 2 years ago and I still love it.  This is an area just to the left of our front yard and across the driveway.  It is my all time favorite snapshot depicting Fall.

I really don't have anything specific to post about today, just thought I'd better do something for the new month!   I've been doing "normal" housewife things this week; cleaning, laundry, vacuuming, taking care of dogs and the cat, etc.  Had to take Salli's collar off the other night as I noticed an abrasion under her chin.  I guess the collar had rubbed it raw -- too tight maybe.  This Saturday is another trip T-shirt hunting!  And hopefully the flea market will be up and running.

So, I won't bore you much longer; but I want to share this little prayer with you about why I am  Thankful To God.

               My muscles are sore, but they work.
               I did not sleep well last night, but I did wake up.
               My wallet is not full, but my belly is!
               I may not have all I want but I have all I need.
               My life is not perfect, BUT It Is Good!

I have this posted next to my computer and it is a wonderful reminder of how fortunate I am to be where and how I am!  It just makes me content, especially the last line......

Until next time, take care!