Friday, August 13, 2010



Happy Friday the 13th! It kind of held some bad news for me, but I'll get over it. See my van in the picture? It is NOT parked in the driveway today (like it is supposed to be). The Ford garage said it would be ready about 3:30 p.m. so around 2:15 p.m. Ronnie and I got in his truck and went to Gore to the bank (money for his trip) and then on to Sallisaw to pick up my van. I paid the bill ($182.63 - YAY!) and then they said the brake pedal was still going down to the floor and they would have to "bleed" the brakes some more before I could leave. OK. Well, around 5:15 p.m. they came in to the waiting room and said they couldn't get it to bleed and it was not safe to drive. They were waiting for some advice from the Ford corporation or something to find out what to do to fix it. Well, you know that never happened and so we had to leave the van there again, and no chance to pick it up until probably next Tuesday. With Ronnie leaving in the morning for Missouri, that means I am stuck here on top of the mountain without a car for 3 days.

Oh, the Jeep is here but it is not real reliable and/or safe either (it has master cylinder problems too), but will do in an emergency I guess. I just pray that the critters and I will be safe and everything will work out okay. I'll pray a lot! :)
Other than that, the day was good.

We are being totally bombarded by Hummers least 15 of them hanging out around the 2 feeders most all the time. And they drink over a quart of nectar a day! Amazing. Well, that's about it for this week. I hope you all have a good weekend, and find some enjoyable things to do. Take care and God Bless!

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carolina nana said...

I'm so sorry your van didn't get fixed. I had a 1991 Ford aerostar van and I continually had brake problems with it the whole time I had it. Hope they solve your problems in one visit.
So sad you won't be getting your piano back.
Have a blessed weekend and be safe out there.