Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Monday!


Here we go with a brand new week. The weekends pass so quickly I can't believe it. Even when you do nothing! Well, nothing important any way. My weekend was very laid back. Saturday I read a lot, then Tom and Mary took us out to supper at Soda Steve's up on Lake Tenkiller. It's one of our favorite places, as I've mentioned before. I had a great patty melt sandwich and cheese fries and iced tea. Had to bring half of my sandwich home, which was okay with me.

Sunday was Sunday School and church as usual. Except church was not "usual"! We had a live band and singers and contemporary music! It was so exhilarating; I love that type of worship. I just hope that it works out that the "band" stays and will lead worship every Sunday. You can bet that is in my prayers......... After church we came home and I had the rest of my patty melt for lunch!

Mary cooked the main course for supper.........some kind of German meat with a very rich, spicy sauce. She is 1/2 German - along with the 1/2 Italian - so that was the International cuisine for Sunday! I made mashed potatoes and fresh Kale to go with it. It was a good supper. The unique thing about Mary cooking, is that she doesn't know how! So she is trying to learn and has been making several different things. So far so good! :)

Do you recognize this? I'm tellin' you, every small town in Oklahoma has one of these Dollar General stores. I think anything with a population over 400 has one; some towns maybe have two! In Gore which is 16 miles from our place, and where we go to church and where the Vet is, this is the only store besides the grocery store, where you can buy this kind of stuff. You know, cheap clothes, food items, sundries, dishes, bedding, paper supplies, utensils, sheets and towels, laundry soap and stuff, etc. They are kind of a mainstay, so to speak. And if you can't find what you want there then you have to travel a distance to WalMart! Small town living is great! :)

With that little piece of Americana, I think I'll close for today. Doing all that laundry today tired me out! ha Have a great evening. Take care and God Bless.


Anonymous said...

Evidently all small towns and big towns have a Dollar General Teri. We even have a Dollar Tree. Everything in there is a dollar. and you can get anything from soup to nuts. Just wanted you to know Oklahoma is not the only place blessed with these. Love you and really enjoy reading your blog. It is 1:30am and I haven't been to sleep yet. Drinking hot chocolate and swishing down sleep aid. Kay

Mary Penta Robinson said...

It was called Rahmschnitzel, Teri.