Tuesday, September 21, 2010



This picture kind of reminds me of fall, so even though its an old one, I posted it. This is a bouquet Mary sent me a couple years ago after I had surgery on my nose for skin cancer. Can you believe they came in the mail in a box, with the vase? Cool.

Another reason for posting an old picture; nothing new happened around here today to take a picture of! Oh, there were the habitual 5 or 6 renegade cows/steers walking through and around the yard, and the hustle to get rid of them, but that's old hat by now. :)

Patch and Salli seem to have bonded and are good friends now. Sallie slept outside on the front porch with Patch last night, and will again tonight. Ronnie worked on the "phantom" back porch again today and made some progress. I am determined though that I will not take a picture until it's totally done! I vacuumed and did dishes and doctored up the bland soup (which tastes great now) and that's about it. Oh! I watched Oprah for the first time in over a year because my friend Kathy was in the audience...........but I didn't see her! Oprah is too full of herself for my tastes anymore. :(

So, I guess my point is........if nothing happens worth posting, I don't think I'll post every night. I'm sure it's boring enough as it is. So don't think I've taken off, or something tragic has happened if you don't hear from me every day. I'll try, but shoot, I can't invent stuff!!

Take care and God Bless.

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Grammyof13 said...

I understand boring, I have nothing wonderful to post lately, so I am slacking off. Even though I love blogging.

Concerning Oprah I agree. It will be good to see your back porch.

Have a good day.