Thursday, September 2, 2010

This and That


The Holiday weekend is almost upon us. Hope you all have plans for a great time. We are staying home and enjoying the peace and quiet and solitude! I got antsy the other day to spruce up my porch for the Fall season. So when I was at WalMart yesterday I bought a $5 bunch of silk fall flowers; this morning I cut it in half so I could make two pots of color in the pots on the porch. These pots are from my attempt to have marigolds and pansies this past Spring; which failed due to the salt water from our well. Anyway, I went walking around the yard and found these very interesting branches with the little red berry things on them in clusters, and some dried up weeds that looked pretty good to me, and added them to the silk flowers. I think it looks pretty cool even though it is fake! I needed to do something to make some color!! And hopefully it will all last through Fall.

While digging around in the closet I also found some other Fall decorations that I'll use in an arrangement in the house later. I love decorating for Fall.......maybe because I was born in October. Goodness sakes, I'll be 66 this October!

This is one of the new flags I got at the 50% off store the other day. I love the cow. I told the men that I got the cow because we needed some cattle to get our tax exempt farm card, or whatever it is. Guess they didn't think it was very funny! But he'll be up probably until its time to put up the Let It Snow flag.

Tom and Mary will be leaving on Sunday. They took a run to San Francisco and then will be going back and forth across the States for awhile. I am quite sure I would get very tired of that lifestyle. I know they are tired, and are looking forward to retiring in December. It will be nice to have them here permanently; when work on their place and the homestead can begin in real earnest. May even get our real cow soon after that! :) They ran in to Muskogee this evening to meet a friend of theirs who also drives truck. He is on his way to Dallas and had time for a short visit.

We are looking forward to a couple cooler days over Labor Day weekend. Who knows, maybe my back porch will get worked on?! I've got peaches ripening so I can make a fresh peach cobbler soon. Made a pot roast w/onion, carrots, potatoes and cabbage for supper tonight. Put it all in the slow cooker so I didn't have to turn the oven tasted great! We were having our traditional Sunday supper on Thursday..........

That's about it from Green Country. I thank God for all the blessing He has given me in life; and especially thank Him for making me able to see the blessings! Take care and God Bless.

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carolina nana said...

Your flower pot is very pretty.I love decorating for fall also,I'm probably going to wait until we get back from vacation in a couple weeks to get all my stuff out. By then maybe it will feel more like fall here.
Blessings to you.