Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 2 of The Rain


Well, we had another day of light rain. A little harder than yesterday, but still no real down pour; just a nice steady rain. Enough to make this puddle in the middle of one of the roads in to town. Plus fill up all the potholes so that you splash your car with muddy water 'cause you can't dodge 'em all! When it really rains, this puddle goes clear across the road and is a lot wider. Ronnie went down to see if the creek was running, but so far there hadn't been enough rain to get it going. I'm sure Patch will let us know when there's water in it as he loves to go romping in it!

The pictures above and below are of a small family cemetery tucked back off the main gravel road in to Webbers Falls from our place. It is very near an overpass on I-40, although you cannot see it from the freeway. I've always wondered who was buried there, and more importantly, who kept it up, because it is always well mowed and weeded and kept looking so nice. So one day Mary and I stopped and took some pictures. I'm so glad we did. I still don't know who keeps it up, but assume it is some family member or someone they pay to do it. I'll type up what the large headstone says in case you can't read it all. See below.

McFarland Family Cemetery

Horatio Harris McFarland
Feb 25 1830 - Feb 22 1884
2nd Lt Co B Missouri Cavalry
Confederate States Army
Born in St. Ferdinand Township, St.Louis County, MO
Died in Webbers Falls, Cherokee Nation, OK

Mary Elizabeth White McFarland
Apr 11 1830 to Jan 25 1896
Born in Cumberland TN and
Died in McLain, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, OK

Horatio married Mary on Mar.15, 1853 in Texas County, MO
They had 8 children - 5 boys and 3 girls. A couple of them
dying at a young age.

Other family members and native Americans
(Details not available)

What a wonderful thing that this family has kept the memory of these people alive. I would hope we all should be so fortunate after we are gone. Take care and God Bless.

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carolina nana said...

I think these old cemeteries hold so much history and are so interesting I love to explore them.
Glad you are getting some rain, our promised rain for the day didn't happen.
Have a blessed tomorrow