Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cowboy Wanted


I'm going to put an ad in the paper for a cowboy to come round up this herd of cattle that keeps visiting and thinks this is their home away from home! This morning there were 5 of them right in the front yard! You can see I only got pictures of a couple of them, but trust me, there were 5 of em'. And where was the handy Border Collie you ask?
Well, he was sleeping on the bed with his Master, Ronnie. They both got up and went out and chased them off, but an hour or so later they came back; they had dropped one and picked up 2 others, so there were now 6 of them! See why I need a Cowboy????

Have a good evening. Take care and God Bless.

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Grammyof13 said...

Well I took time to day to go back and see what all I've missed since the last time I stopped to read.

You are my kind of woman, down to earth, a christian and living the good life on God's land where we were meant to be I think. Growing up on a farm, I wanted to get away so badly. Now that I've raised a bunch of city kids, I wish like everything I had given them a taste of country life, other than going back to visit the farm.

The clothes closet sounds like something I could get into. I did help at our General Assembly in times past.

Hope your paint turns out like you want. I've been waiting for cooler weather to spray paint a large mirror (from Mama's house) t hang in my hallway. Today is the dy I think.

Keep up the good work and keep us posted.