Monday, September 20, 2010

Great Weekend


Here it is Monday again, with all the "normal" duties that Monday requires. I did my laundry and that's about all. But I have to tell you about my great weekend. The pictures are a little further down in the monologue, but we'll get there!

Saturday morning we left home about 9:00 a.m. to go to Sallisaw to the Cookson Hills Electric Co-op annual meeting. If you went and turned in your "invitation" you get $20 off your electric bill, so.......... There were thousands of people there so we checked in, got our soda, little bag snack, and "book bag" of goodies and left. It was too hot and crowded to wait it out and end up with nothing more than what we had!
So on we went to Fort Smith, Arkansas, which is about 25 - 30 miles due East on I 40.

When we came in to town there was a Farmers Market down by the river, so we stopped. It was quite a small one and was mainly veggies, with some goat soaps and stuff. I bought 3 zucchini so I could make more bread and that was it. (Got enough grated for 6 loaves.) When you come in to Ft. Smith from I 40 you go right down the main street, and it is wonderful! All kinds of stores, shops, restaurants, etc. You don't see many towns were the "downtown" is actually thriving. And the buildings have an older flavor to them. It's just a cool place. Now, my main thinking of going to Ft. Smith was to find a Panera's bakery/restaurant. I had not been to one since leaving Missouri (where they are called St. Louis Bread Co.), and it was one of my favorite places for lunch. After getting a little bit lost, we found one and I was in heaven. I had my French Onion soup and half a fancy turkey sandwich and a cherry sweet roll type thing. They were having a special for 99cents. You could choose any one of their pastries. Anyway, it was marvelous. Ronnie suffered through it for me as he thinks it's too "yuppy" for him. If you have the chance you should go to one. The French onion soup is the best.

Then we headed back to Oklahoma and Sallisaw WalMart for a few groceries and water. That was a mistake! :) See below.

On the way in to WalMart we saw this lady and her 2 little boys under a tree trying to give away puppies. We did not stop. On the way OUT of WalMart Ronnie stopped just to see what they had. We mentioned it would be nice if Patch had a playmate. Then we drove around the block; came back; got out; looked at the 2 puppies left; brought this one home! She is supposedly part Lab, Husky and Border Collie. You can tell her nose is lab, her color is Border Collie and I think her eyes are Husky as one is blue and one is brown.

So, meet Salli. So far she's been pretty good, except for a bad accident tonight on the carpet in my bedroom! She's outside as I type. Patch wanted nothing to do with her when we brought her home. But I think they bonded pretty good today, and have been playing quite well together. Of course when she gets bigger, they will play even better.

And Sunday was our first Praise and Worship time with our new band and worship team. It was absolutely wonderful. The songs were so upbeat and the words so beautiful it's hard to describe. But then I am a softie for the music; always have to have my box of tissues with me during praise and worship time. Oh well.... And of course the first song was I'll Fly Away, which was my Mom's favorite song and always makes me cry. I hope she enjoyed it!

Well, I suppose I've rambled on enough for one night, and I'm late. Was watching Dancing With The Stars. I love to see the costumes. So I'm off to bed and my book.
Take care and God Bless.

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carolina nana said...

Oh what a cute pup,and with the same colors as Patch. They'll be great friends,I think dogs need playmates other than humans myself.
Sounds like a wonderful weekend you had.
Have a blessed day