Friday, July 30, 2010

Abandoned........For What?


My sister in law took this picture for me this past March. There was just something about this old house that drew me to it. When I look at it I imagine that the family that lived there did so during the Great Depression and the Oklahoma Dust Bowl, and they had to leave their home in search of a livelihood. The children were uprooted from school, if they got to attend, and things were loaded willy nilly onto an old Model T pickup, with a basket with a little food thrown in to boot. And off they drove, maybe to California? Gosh, I can get carried away; but can't you just see and feel it?

This one is from a more recent time. It sits out in a beautiful field all alone. It's like no one cares any more. What happened in this place? Was there a tragedy of some kind that required the people to leave? Did they lose their income and had to give up their home? It just makes you wonder.

Ahhh, this one reminds me of a little Mexican hacienda type building. I think its made of cement blocks. And the crepe myrtle tree next door just completes the look. Was this a house for migrant workers? Could have been. But alas, it sits there empty now, wondering where all the talk and laughter have gone.

This little, tiny trailer sits in a pretty site also. Hidden in the tall grass and brush are old rusted out cars and junk. Someone has cleaned up the "junk" a bit, but done nothing else. This place reminds me of being the home of a little old lady, who's grown son(s) deposited all their junk there. And she became infirm and had to leave.........maybe to a nursing home, where no one bothered to go visit her.

There are many more abandoned places in the Oklahoma countryside. One I didn't get a picture of is made of stone of different colors, and I'm sure it was a very nice home at one time. I can only imagine what happened there, and you know I have an imagination! Do any of you let your mind wander like I do? Take the time to notice things like these abandoned homes and see where it leads you.

I had a very busy day today. Had to leave home at 10 a.m. to get Lobo to the dog groomers by 11 a.m. Then it was off to WalMart for weekly shopping. Stopped first in the Subway in-store for a sandwich and iced tea. Sure tasted good, since I hadn't had any breakfast! Then did some browsing and picked up 3 new shirts for Ronnie's birthday tomorrow. He likes the lightweight rayon (?) shirts with the Hawaiian prints. They seem to be cooler than others in this heat. Ronnie will be 60 tomorrow and we - along with brother and his wife - are going to Muskogee to The Rib Crib, our favorite restaurant, for early supper. Not much celebrating as it's too hot! The forecast for the next week is 100, 101, and 102, PLUS heat index. Anyway, got home about 2:30 and had groceries to put away, etc. So we had BLT's for supper. Shopping wears me out!

I hope you all have a great weekend. I'll "see" you on Monday. Take care and God Bless.

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Lorilee said...

Shopping wears me out too-especially when it is so hot. We have a number of old abandoned building around here too! They make you wonder what happened? Happy Birthday Ronnie!