Friday, July 16, 2010

Americana Project


Well, here it is (drum roll), my Americana Project all completed. I am so tickled with it; and it only took a couple hours to do. This is a bench my dear Mother bought for me a few years ago. It has been outside battling the elements all that time and had become quite discolored and dried out. So the other day I had this brilliant idea to paint it .......... like our flag!

I had some white and red semi gloss paint left from my kitchen paint job so I used that. Then I bought $2.34 worth of blue craft paint (and only used $1.17 worth), and my husband made me a stencil of a star so I could get 5 stars on there. So it was not only quick to do, it was inexpensive. And I'm a happy camper! I tell ya, give me a can of paint and a brush and a piece of wood and I'm in heaven. :)

Today was a busy day. After I finished the bench this morning (before it became unbearably hot) I started some icebox pickles (they will finish up tomorrow), ground up all the dried bread I've been saving for bread crumbs, changed the sheets on the bed and laundered them, washed a load of Ronnie's sweat soaked clothes and did yesterday's dishes. I then decided that was enough activity for one day.

Ronnie was out early working on the porch. Got it all covered with the water repellent and ready for the decking to be put down. NOW, tonight after pizza supper, he went out to lay the decking. He came back in quickly and said "boy did I screw up big time"! I asked how, and he told me to go look. So I opened the back door and there were a few boards laying on the deck.........but they were 2 feet too short!!
I feel partly responsible for this error, as when we were at Lowes I had the list and was checking it off and telling him what we needed, etc. I guess I was just counting boards, and didn't check the size. Oh well, a trip back to Muskogee and Lowe's in the morning and exchange them and we'll be all set again. Of course it will cost more money, but such is life.

All in all, it was a good day. We did get lots accomplished and nothing was so drastic that it caused any unsurmountable problem. I hope your day was the same, and that you have a great weekend. Take care and God Bless.


carolina nana said...

Hi Ardith,
Read your comment on my blog and came to check yours out. What part of Oklahoma is Green county in. I had an uncle who was a judge in Claremore back in the 1940's. He had a big ranch across the river from Will Rogers but I guess it is now under the waters of lake Oologah. His last name was Pryor and I've always wondered if that's where Pryor,Ok. got it's name.
Hope you have a blessed Sunday.

Ardith said...

Hi Carolina Nana! Green Country is kind of the NE to East Central corner of OK. I'm new here, so don't know much of the history re Pryor, but sounds like it could be your Uncle. Thanks for visiting Green Country. Take care and God Bless.