Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kitchen Project Finally Finished

Greetings! It seems I have waited for months to post these pictures. And I guess I have! It's been 1 year since we moved into this mobile home, and we've done a little bit at a time in this kitchen. First we replaced the floor. As you can see, it was a very dark vinyl tile, coming up, torn, etc. It is now a light laminate, and makes such a difference.
Then, there was no backsplash behind the stove or anywhere. So that was next. Then, the dark cupboards with outdated hardware! This room was sooooo dark and dreary. Painting them has been my project for the last two months. It took 3 and 4 coats of paint to accomplish the transition, and I did it in sections. First the upper cupboards, then the tall cupboard to the right of the stove, then the bottom cupboards and then the drawers. I decided to remove the cupboard doors on the upper cabinets, and paint the backs of them red. I love the open-ness. When it came to the tall cupboard,where I keep pots and pans, I decided to put curtains on instead of the doors. The curtains carry the red and pattern of the dining room accessories. I LOVE it. One note of interest, I do not use the dishwasher for washing dishes; it is my extra cupboard! In it I keep the lids to my cookware, measuring cups, toaster, etc. Hey, whatever works, right? Not using the dishwasher is my attempt at being "green". Oh, and the red inside the cupboards is the same as one wall in the living room, so I was carrying that color theme through.
It is this kind of painting and decorating I love to do. I'm already thinking ahead to my next project! I have to finish painting the hallway off the kitchen, so that will be where I start. Then my bedroom needs some color.
So, I hope you aren't bored with my monologue, but maybe inspired to make some changes in your house. I'd come and help you if I could!! I just thank the Lord for giving me this one "gift" or "passion".

Take care and God Bless.


Vicki said...

Teri, I love the red. That's great and what a nice jog you did! Didn't know we had that kind of talent in the family, well, maybe except for Paula!

Grammyof13 said...

You have done a tremendous job. I know it has been long in coming if you have been at it since you moved, but having a home gives us something to do always. Always a project. Proud for you. Ejoy it now!


karen said...

Mom I love your blog and your redecorated kitchen, especially the cupboards. I wish I had the time/energy to do mine. Love you!