Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Making Do


Don't you just love this old window? Let me tell you the story of it..... When we lived in Missouri we were in an old farm house, and there was only one window in the living room, and it was on the North side, so it really wasn't very light in the room. There was a front door that faced West and had the upper part window, but with the huge porch in front, you didn't get much light there either. (See first picture.)
We rented this house, and I kept hinting to the landlord to put in a window over my couch, but to no avail. (The couch was on the windowless West wall.)

Then one summer - about 4 years ago now - I decided to take a road trip by myself to visit my cousin in Wetumpka, Alabama. Two of my other cousins were there visiting from Olympia, Washington, so it would be a great time for sure. Although the trip could have been made in one long day, I chose to make it a day and a half. I spent the night somewhere in Northern Alabama, dining at McDonalds, watching TV and getting some much needed rest. Anyway, I made it to my cousin Kay's without any problem by Noon the next day. The scenery I saw on the way was gorgeous. I was a woman from the West Coast, so it was very exciting for me to enter Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee and Alabama, places I had never been. I covered 5 states in 1 day! I was truckin'.

We had a great time eating, playing cards, drinking a little wine, shopping, sight-seeing and visiting. One day we went to an antique mall and spent considerable time looking around. I came upon this old window frame and fell in love with it. The clerk told me it was from an 1880's house in Alabama. Had original paint (peeling) and not much else. Well, I bought it for a mere $25.00. My mind already had the panes installed with mirror and hanging on the living room wall over the couch. More than one way to skin a cat, so they say! I borrowed an old blanket to wrap it up in for the trip home and got it back to Missouri safe and sound.

Then it was a trip to the hardware store for the mirrors. I left it with them, and they used scraps of mirror and "only" charged me about $90. I took it home and hung it up and there you have it! I had another window!! I should mention that my husband had to hang it because it weighs a lot! The size is 35" wide by 40" tall. I also hung several other mirrors in the room to reflect what little light there was, and it helped. So that's what I call making do!

Since we've moved, the window now stands/hangs on top of my old oak low boy dresser in the bedroom and looks quite nice I think. It's also on a windowless wall and you can let your imagination go to work. And every time I look at the window it brings back memories of the great time I had on my road trip to Alabama!

I hope you all have some things that remind you of good times. I think it's God's special way of making sure we remember; when we associate "things" with good memories. That's not coming out right, but you know what I mean! :) All for tonight; take care and God bless.

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Sonja said...

I love your kitchen Nana! It looks great. No names for the horse yet. Sorry. That stiry is great!