Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Porch Update


This is day 2 of "the porch". Under normal circumstances, it probably would be about finished. But the heat index of 110 kind of puts a damper on Ronnie's working!

These pictures were taken about 6 p.m. tonight, after "the porch" was in the shaded area of the house. Don't know how long he will work out there, but you can bet it will be another 'head directly for the shower' time when he comes in!

This picture you see from "the porch", and it is the cement slab where the "barn" or vehicle/equipment storage building will be. The cement base was poured last March and the building will start going up next week. We've had to wait for my brother to get here and help because it can't be done by one person. As it is, they are going to get a few strong boys from our church youth group to help them. I think the building is 30 x 50 or there abouts.

All I did today was dishes and clean the living room and small hallway carpets. That was enough! Hope your day was good Take care and God bless.

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