Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just Stuff


I love this scenery. You see the treed butte in the far background? On top of one like that is where our house is. They don't look so high (tall) in this shot, but they are quite good sized. When I see landscapes like this I envision Indians and covered wagons, and ponies, etc. I truly love it. This was taken a mile from our place.

This is just an open prairie or pasture, and again I "see" things from the "old" days. I think I was born about 150 years to late! Would have been a tough life, but I think it would have been so worth it. No electronic "gadgets" to put up with, not so much politics, people, noise, etc. I can dream, can't I?

I was thinking about my post I did yesterday on schools, and thought I should add a couple things. My "informant" is going to try to get a hold of a map showing all the schools I mentioned. That will be so much fun finding them if he does! Also, I think the first school I pictured was built prior to 1907 simply because of the stone it is made out of. I'm not sure what it is, maybe sandstone, or limestone, or something similar, but it is big, cut squares of stone; looks much older than 1907. That building is currently being used by the owner as a barn. I'll keep you posted on the map.

And guess what?! The floor is screwed down on the back porch!! And the steps down are finished. There is still a lot to do, i.e. railing, ramp, roof, etc. But the BBQ is up on it and it's looking good. I'm waiting for the final finished product before I post a picture again though. I spent this afternoon out there trying to clean up the BBQ. It has been out in the weather for almost a year and was pretty dirty. I made some progress, but it will never look "clean". Going to buy a new cover tomorrow.

And, I don't think I've ever mentioned that my oldest granddaughter, Lauren, just graduated from college in Houston this summer, and is moving to South Korea in about 3 weeks. She took a job for a year over there teaching English as a second language to some corporate business employees. She is 21 years old, and I'm sure this will be an adventure for her! I'm not sure how my daughter is going to handle having her "baby" so far away. But our prayers will be with her and I trust that God will watch out for her.

I've got a busy day tomorrow so better close for now. Will fill you in tomorrow night. Take care and God Bless.


carolina nana said...

Beautiful pictures,that's funny you said you born 150 years too late because I have always said I was born too late for my time also. I love the old ways of doing things and I love history of the place where I live.
Blessings for your busy tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Teri, I don't know if you remember but your cousin-in-law Joe was born in Hartshorn OK during the dust bowl days. 1933 to be exact. He had a brother that died and is buried there. They left there on a wagon with only one loaf of bread on their way back to Alabama. Joe had Colera and like to have died too. Rough days for the ATKISSON family.