Thursday, October 7, 2010

Where Has The Week Gone??


I can't believe it's Thursday already. Seems like the week just began; I guess that's what happens when you have something to do each day! And there's been a couple of BIG things accomplished around here this week! :)

This picture has nothing to do with the week passing so quickly. But I couldn't resist taking it the other day. The pastures and fields around here are full of these flowers. I don't know what they are, but it cracks me up to look at them. If you have ever bought a "bunch" of plastic flowers at WalMart (or someplace similar) you will know what I mean. There is one stem and a whole bunch of blooms at the top. I swear to you, they look like you bought a plastic flower and stuck it in the ground!! I hope you enlarge the picture and see what I mean. Tooooo funny!

So, back to today. Went to Sallisaw this morning, our weekly trip to WalMart. Had to pick up my meds and get a few groceries. After we were finished we had lunch at Braums, then headed home. We finally got to unload the groceries using the back porch entry; much nicer! I made myself a commitment today too; I am going to try to take at least one picture a day to use on my blog. Besides making it a little more interesting, it makes my brain do some work thinking of subjects! So who knows what you'll be seeing! ha

Oh, been forgetting to tell you about my Lobo. I took him to the Vet Tuesday to see if his tumor had grown back, because he had a terrible odor again. And sure enough, it has. The Vet said it has only been 2 months since she removed the other one and she would not do it again so soon (if at all). She said the best thing we could do is to keep him on antibiotics 2x a day (it curbs the smell by fighting the infection). So I came home with a sack full of pills and a bottle of doggy mouthwash. It has not affected his appetite or eating, and he seems fine otherwise, so we just wait and let nature take its course. I notice he really has trouble getting up lately, and you really have to yell at him for him to hear you. Other than that, he's a sweetheart.

Church was great Sunday; the worship team is going great guns and I think attendance is even growing; and after church the whole congregation was invited to the fellowship hall for dinner for one of our members who was celebrating her 85th birthday. It was really a nice gathering and meal; there was brisket and pulled pork and baked beans and dressing and corn and various other side dishes, and a cake of course. Very nice. Things like that make me wonder how people who do not believe in the Lord, and have a church family, make it from day to day.

Well, you know what Thursday night is--------------Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice!! Gotta go. Take care and God bless you with His grace.

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carolina nana said...

Poor Lobo, glad he's not in any pain with this.
hope you have a blessed tomorrow.