Friday, October 8, 2010

TGIF - For Some


Well here is the first "daily picture"...........kind of a no brainer I think. This morning was quite busy for me as I did up last night's supper dishes, vacuumed and made this pumpkin pie - all before 10:00 a.m.! I had bought the pumpkin a couple weeks ago, and then found I didn't have any evaporated milk, so I bought 3 cans the other day, just to have some on hand.

My title for today is for those who still have to work for a living. I know I sure used to look forward to Friday and the weekend.......doesn't matter anymore though! After we watched All My Children :) we went to Checotah to Shelton's market to buy a couple weeks worth of meat. That seems to be the best priced place around, and they have the best selection and the taste is good. Used to buy meat at WalMart, but I think they raised their prices too much, and the meat is all pre-packaged. Shelton's still has the on sight butcher! Of course we also had to make a quick WalMart stop for 2 new door knobs since neither of us had a key for the back door, and we are using it now that the porch is done. This way the front and back doors use the same key to unlock, which is nice. Oh, I also had to buy another package of under panties! I bought some the other day and they are like 3 sizes too big! Don't know what happened, but at least I got the right size today. Guess the others will get donated to the Closet at church.

I was reading/looking at a Redbook magazine the other day and it had a page with different outfits; some for dress, casual, and some for work. Let me tell you, I never in all my life spent what they quoted on a work outfit when I was working. Those must surely be for people in NYC or very rich people! Amazing. We're talking anywhere from $200 to $400+ for one outfit for work. I know prices have increased, but really! And, did you hear Tony Curtis passed away? I assume most of you know who he is/was. When I was a teenager - late 50's, early 60's - he was the heart throb so to speak. And my girlfriend in high school went with a boy, whom she later married, who was the spitting image of Tony Curtis. I will never forget that, and of course he came to mind when I heard the news. I don't know what his life status is, but I wish him well........

And somewhere in here I must thank the Lord for all he has given me. The beautiful, sunny day, family, friends, creatures and most of all, life. I am grateful.

Well, I think I've rattled on enough for one day. Enjoy the weekend, take care and God Bless you with His grace.

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