Friday, October 15, 2010

This and That 2


I think I'm a little early with this picture because I don't think the lady of the farm is through decorating the wagon! Last year this wagon was so decked out for Fall and Halloween it was unbelievable. I didn't get a picture last year, so was really anxious to get one this year; and I waited with baited breath for Christmas to come around and see what she did. You know what? She didn't do anything!! :( But it's good to see she is doing Fall again.

And I have this to say about these white cows, which you don't see many of on the Pacific Northwest coast, but are in great abundance here: Are they white because they stay cooler that way in the extreme Oklahoma heat of Summer? As opposed to Jerseys, Guernseys, Holsteins, (cows of color) ???

Weekend is here, hope you have a great one. Take care and God bless you with His Grace.

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