Monday, October 18, 2010

Walking Sticks


Another week is on its way! The weekend was good; Ronnie went SASS shooting at a new group club in Fort Smith, Arkansas and really enjoyed it. He said there were 30 or 40 shooters and 12 stages, so it was more like he was used to when we lived in Missouri. That's a good thing. I used the alone time Saturday to do up laundry and read and then about 3 p.m. decided to head to Sallisaw (WalMart) to do my shopping.

It was nice going by myself.........I could take my time and really "window" shop, if you know what I mean. I spent quite a bit of time in the "drugstore" part looking at wrinkle creams and hair dye :) among other things. I did buy some color for my hair and some heavy duty facial moisturizer for my face. Lubricate those wrinkles!! Then it was off to the clothing section. I really need some slacks for winter and so I did some trying on and found a pair of black slacks and a really cute top. I have a hard time finding slacks that fit well because I seem to have lost my butt! It all moved around to the front I guess; anyway it makes pants be very baggy and not look good.

And the good part is the outfit was less than $30.00. Maybe tomorrow I'll tell you about some outfits in Redbook! Anyhoo, my rationalization was that I was buying myself a birthday for me. (I'll be 66 this Friday.)

Now about the walking sticks. This first picture is one that was on one of our front room windows the other day. Pretty good sized guy I'd say. They are fascinating to me. Didn't have those in Washington state - at least that I ever saw.

The other walking sticks in the milk can are the ones I use to walk around these here acres! I thought it was neat to show both kinds! Doesn't take much to entertain me you see...

We went for a "last" ride in the Jeep this afternoon. Took Patch and Salli, which maybe wasn't such a good idea, and went to Gore. The shower head in my bathroom blew off Saturday so we needed a new one, and I needed some contact paper to reline my trunk. Got those things and then took the long way home. It was in the 80's today and I was actually HOT by the time we got home. We don't use the Jeep in the winter time, and it's getting close to time to tarp it for the winter, hence the "last" ride, which may or may not be the last..........depends on the weather!

I'm posting this early today so I can watch Dancing With The Stars in total tonight. It's almost 5:00 p.m. and time to fix supper so had better sign off. Take care and God Bless you with His Grace!


carolina nana said...

That's a nice top you bought ,Happy Early Birthday !!!!!

Sandra said...

I use a walking stick just about every time I step outside the door. As I age, I find the extra balance is helpful.

Sonja said...

They make bums. You should buy one. I love you, Mom. You made me laugh.

Sonja said...

Oops. I meant "fake bums".