Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Falling Down


I have no idea why this blog page is so messed up! Short of dumping the whole thing and starting over, I guess you'll just have to read it like it is. Not very nice looking, but the words are all there! :)

It is with heavy heart I post my blog tonight........Remember the pictures I posted of abandoned houses in the area? And this one being my favorite?

Well, I went by a while ago and after a heavy wind this past Summer, this is what is happening.

It just breaks my heart. Another piece of Oklahoma/American history going by the wayside.

I need to quit getting so attached to "things"! I guess it is inevitable that old houses will crumble, things will change, people will die, etc. In the meantime, I thank the Lord for so grace-fully preparing me a place that will not change! Amen.

Take care and God Bless you with His Grace.


Sonja said...

A mansion, no less! Hey, I've been posting on my blog. Do you go there anymore?

carolina nana said...

I'm looking forward to meeting all my blogger friends in our mansions in Heaven one of these days.
Have a blessed tomorrow.

Sandra said...

You and me both, Sister. You and me both. It breaks my heart.