Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Great Escape


The other evening we were sitting out on the back porch and I looked over to where the chicken coop is.  I said to Ronnie, that chick looks like she's outside of the coop; and he said, she is!  Well luckily the dogs hadn't spotted her yet so I put a leash on Salli and we got her and Patch contained, but they sure were watching!

Then we had to sit and wait for the other three still inside to go in and roost and hope the escapee would roost also, so Ronnie could catch her and put her back in the coop.  Finally, as twilight came, they went inside and roosted.  Little Houdini kept walking around the outside of the coop, like she wanted back in.  So Ronnie snuck up and opened the coop door and lo and behold, she walked right in and went to bed!

But I want to tell you, while she was out, she thought she was the queen out on a Holiday!  She was strutting around, pecking at everything, scratching up grass and it and the dirt was flying!!  Was so comical to watch.  I thought that Sallie had dug a hole in the back corner of the pen and the chick had escaped there.  Well, she had escaped there, but Ronnie says the pile of dirt was inside, so one of them dug the hole themselves!  Made Sallie happy to not be blamed!  :)

Eight days ago we bought some more wire to make their pen area bigger - 10' x 10' - so they wouldn't be so crowded.  It is still laying on the back porch.  My husband is not one to rush in to a project -- especially when it's one he doesn't care about!  Such is life.

That's all I know for now.  Until next time, take care and God bless you and yours.

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