Friday, June 1, 2012

Big Bling!


I have acquired this love of hanging "bling" in my trees in the back yard.  It is just so cool to watch them blowing in the breeze, and the sun sparkling off some of their pieces!  And last Saturday when my friend Kathy and her husband came over for a Memorial  weekend get-together she brought me a new one she had made.

In these pictures you can see most of it, where I hung in on a nail in the wall.  But alas, they don't do it justice!  She made it out of a slinky, of all things!  And decorated it with little bird houses and silver rings and copper bells, etc.  Below it is hanging in the tree, but hard to really see.

Anyway, it's very cool to watch it bounce up and down and blow in the breeze, and hear the little bells tinkle!  Doesn't seem to bother the birds at all either.

So besides hanging bling in my tree, we had a great dinner.  Ronnie bbq'd/smoked a brisket for about 9 hours which was delicious, and we had potato salad, shrimp cold slaw, corn salad, baked beans, garlic bread, deviled eggs, and German chocolate cake for dessert.  Before hand we had chips and dips, strawberries and cantelope pieces for appetizers. Oh, and Kathy brought a box of chocolates and some macaroons also.   We ate too much, I sent stuff home with Kathy and John, and we still ate leftovers for 2 days!  Was nice to not have to cook again though.

It is always such a pleasure to spend time with good friends.  Just a real treat.  And of course we gave our thanks to our service people of the past and present, who made it possible for us to get together and enjoy our freedoms!  I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Weekend.

Until next time, take care and God bless you and yours.

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