Friday, June 22, 2012

Baking Time


I still have trouble adjusting to the fact that gardens and berry bushes produce and yield so early in the summer.  I'm still used to Washington weather, where you are lucky to have garden stuff by August!  So, that said, I've been busy this week baking and freezing the bounty of blackberries and zucchini!

This is/was a blackberry cobbler I made after Ronnie came home with a 3 gallon bucket full of berries!  I see there is a corner of it missing. Hmmmmmmmmmm

This is one of the 3 gallon bags of berries that we froze for future cobblers.  And he says he's going back out picking the first of next week.  He tends to go a little overboard..........

And this is my batch of zucchini bread, made this morning.  I love it, but Ronnie won't eat it because he doesn't like zucchini; so, I baked it in 4 mini loaf tins and one medium loaf tin instead of the 2 regular size tins that the recipe makes, thinking I wouldn't eat as much!  HA!  I just won't eat as much all at one time...........  I've already cut in to one of the little loaves and had about 3 pieces!  Nothing like warm zucchini bread with butter - wash it down with some sweet tea.  My girls would use a gallon of milk probably!!  Sorry you're not here to enjoy it with me girls.

I've frozen enough zucchini for 2 more batches of bread, and I have 2 cups set aside for a chocolate zucchini cake.  Will do that either later today or tomorrow. 

So I hope most of you are now enjoying the garden and field bounty too.  Living in the Oklahoma hills does have its advantages!  :)

That's all I know for now.  Until next time, take care and God bless you and yours.  Here's a thought:
The Holy Spirit is your body guard!  Love it.

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