Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Occupants


At about 7:30 a.m. this morning my chickens arrived.  Chicken George, aka Bill, brought them up in a box, so I quickly donned my duster over my nightgown and went outside; after waking Ronnie up!
In the box were 4 of the cutest chicks you've ever seen.  He said they were about 6 weeks old, and I should keep them in the coop for another 4 - 6 weeks before letting them out to range.  He also said he took them away from their mother and they were mad, and squawking like crazy!

It's hard to get a good picture through the wire, and bending down to their level!  But you get the idea.  Their coloring reminds me of a pheasant; one of the has almost a completely white head and her name is Blondy; another has a partial white head and her name is Maddy; then there is one with kind of a reddish brown head and her name is Lucy; and the last one is Ethel!  I can tell this is going to be fun!  Be sure to double click on pics and maybe get a better look.

I asked Bill if they were Banty's and he said what?  I said are they Banty's and he says, no they are fighting chickens!  I know that he raises fighting roosters and gets big money for them (over $1000 each), and for a good hen he gets $400.  Now, I don't think he gave me four $400 hen chicks, but they are nice.  Cock fighting is illegal here in Oklahoma, so he mails them to The Phillipines and Kentucky and other places.  Amazing.  Supposedly these will lay eggs at some point, but they are very small.  And boy, do they drink a lot of water!

Oh, I almost forgot...............the dogs.  Patch just lays and watches the chicks; Salli sits right up next to the coop and her whole body shakes and quivers, she wants to get at them so bad!  But she is getting better as the day progresses.  Will take a few days I'm sure to get her trained.

That's all I know.  Until next time, take care and God bless you and yours

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