Monday, October 31, 2011

Road Trip!


Saturday was go to the city day, and it turned in to a road trip by the time we had made all the stops!

Starting out of course, we had to pass the new "chicken barns" being built.
They are coming right along with #1.

And #2 is getting a start as you can see on the far right.

Somewhere between Muskogee and Checota, along the freeway - I69 South - were these beautiful golden trees. I don't know what they are, but when the sun hits them just right they are georgeous! The picture doesn't do it justice, that's for sure!

And close to home again, we see 2 deer in the brush/pasture. We saw 4 all totaled, but 2 here. (enlarge to see better)

So, we went to Muskogee to the Sooner Surplus Store where they have all sorts of things they've bought out from other stores. Furniture, electronics, clothes, shoes, some food, etc. It's always fun to go in and look around. Also in Muskogee, we went to Wall's - another surplus store - and bought a new fake Christmas tree! It's not super, but it will do. We went to Hobby Lobby also and looked at trees....Now that was hilarious! The cheapest one was $100+ and that was a little thing; most were $200 and up, and that was with 40% off! Needless to say, we didn't buy one there! I did buy a few fat quarters there though.

Then we left Muskogee and went to Checotah to grocery shop. But before shopping we stopped at Denny's for an early supper/late dinner. Nothing fancy, but it was good. Ronnie ordered a Philly sandwich and when it came he was upset because it had cooked red and green peppers on it! Which he absolutely hates - says they make him sick! I had ordered the senior chicken fried steak supper with mashed potatoes and cole slaw so I traded him. It worked out fine, and the sandwich was very good! I know he knows the trademark of a philly sand is peppers; he must have forgot! Senior moment maybe.........

Anyway, on to WalMart for groceries and new jeans for Ronnie. Got a new rug for the back door since it will soon be wet season with doggies coming in! Then to Shelton's where we buy milk and meat. I tell you, by the time we got home - around 6 p.m. - I was really worn out! I think we'd covered at least over 100 miles. Who knew shopping could be so exhausting?! I guess that's the way it is when you live in the far out country.

Until next time, take care and enjoy God's Blessings.

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Grammyof13 said...

We have to make every trip count when we live out a ways. We are in the county rural area, but are only 5 minutes from Walmart, Kroger, Big Lots or wherever.

Great pictures. I must get a camera or a battery for the one I have.