Saturday, October 1, 2011

Time Slips Away


The batteries in my camera need to be replaced, so I drug out this last year's picture of the Fall wagon that a lady down the way always does. It is always nice to see this time of year, and breaks the monotony of all words!!

I've missed a couple of days blogging, and have no excuse other than the time just slipped away from me. Who would think that could happen when you are retired and don't really have much on your plate? Strange, isn't it?
But to catch you up here's what's been going on..........

Sister-in-law Mary's birthday was the 27th, and they went out for supper and a little entertainment. On the way home at dark thirty, they saw a little dog running back and forth across the gravel road. So they stopped and picked up the little gal and brought her home. What a cutie too! She is some kind of full blood Terrier we think, and very adorable. Seems to be potty trained and all; but is a little thin. It appears she was dumped off, so she was very lucky to be found by someone willing to give her a good home. Her new name is Brandy; her new brother and sister didn't like her to much at first, but I guess it's getting better. Now her and my Salli is another story all together!

The other day I noticed the front,passenger tire on my van was completely bald on the outer edge. So..........had to buy a new tire yesterday. They are so expensive! But now I feel safer.........of course I must have been driving with it like that for a long time, just didn't know it. Also went grocery shopping yesterday. That probably doesn't seem "newsworthy" to some of you, but when you have to drive 30 miles one way to the nearest store and get enough stuff for a couple weeks, it's a big deal! Got most of the ordinary stuff at WalMart and then on to Shelton's to buy meat. They have an on-site butcher and their meat is not pre-packaged, and the prices seem to be better. After spending close to $300 I had to come home and carry it all in and put things away.....the worst part of shopping!!

Being worn out and not feeling like cooking, we had pizza and salad for supper. Suited us both just fine. Then just as we were finishing, brother Tom came with a watermelon he just picked from the garden! We split it in half and shared; the smell was divine and who would think fresh, home grown watermelon the end of September! And I'm so thankful for the cantelope he grew and shared with us this summer; don't have to worry about the listeria outbreak!

So you see how the time just gets away from you? :) Until next time, take care and God shower you with His blessings.

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