Monday, October 3, 2011

Cow Chip Days


Now how exciting is that?! A special day with a parade and a fairway and all sorts of fun just to see who can throw a "cow chip" the furthest! It is recommended that the "chips" are nice and dry for best results...

We parked at the end of the parade route, so didn't really see the parade per se, but we were right next to the "fair way" and watched them setting up and people watched. What fun. It's a good idea to double click on all the pictures so you can see the details.

This first picture is a shot of where all the booths were setting up. There were food booths, a lot of church booths with free desserts and drinks, face painting, t-shirts, jewelry, snakes and spiders, a band, etc. Never did find out when they were throwing the cow chips!

This one is of a teenage girl in her cowboy boots and jeans with sparkles on the rear pockets. Be sure to double click on the picture so you can get the whole effect! I thought it was interesting..........

And this another one of 2 teen girls and their cowboy boots. They'd gone to the face painting booth and were showing their Grandma I guess. It's amazing - or not - as to all the cowboy boots I saw on young people!

This is a good sized white wagon that was on its way to the parade.

And this is a carriage type wagon on the way to the parade.

And two members of the Senior population making their way in to have a look.

And my favorite, that just happened to stop by my car on their way to join the parade. All in all, it was a fun time.

Maybe next year we will be better prepared to see the parade and partake in the "fair way" stuff. This year we were 3 hours early for the whole thing and that gave us too much time to people watch! We were worn out while everyone else was just getting into the spirit! But I am thankful for the beautiful day God provided.

Until next time, take care and God bless.

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