Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fort Smith, Arkansas


Gosh, I'm really getting slow in posting some of my pictures. I took these on my birthday - October 22nd - and am just now posting. But I'm sure nothing has changed in that time between then and now! :)

Here is the cake I made for myself on my birthday....It was really good!

This is coming in to the "old town" of Ft. Smith. What I love about it is all the old brick/ornate buildings and that they all hold a business that seems to be flourishing. Something you don't find in a lot of cities.

This is a beautiful Catholic church at the edge of "old town", kind of on a slight hill. The architecture is amazing.

I love this: It's a "doggie wash" place with sink, etc. to give your pet a bath and no mess at home! And its conveniently located at a car wash.....

And this! This is why I'm glad I live in the country.........a normal "traffic flow" on a Saturday afternoon. Don't miss it at all!!

Fort Smith, Arkansas is a neat place. It is closer for us than Tulsa so we go there more. And it has all the shops, stores, restaurants, etc. you could want. It's nice to visit, but nice to know you don't have all that hustle and bustle to contend with on a daily basis.

Until next time, take care and may God shower you with his blessings.

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