Friday, May 20, 2011

Why Do I Need a Title????? (on blog posts)


Hi! Happy Friday! Hope it's being a good one for you. Mine is dark and cloudy and raining and thunder and lightening! But, it's in the 70's so it's comfortable. The donkeys and dogs don't think so, but that's life. Patch hides under the back porch and the donkeys huddle up under some trees trying to keep dry.

So far today I've done dishes from yesterday, vaccuumed, did my Bible study and worked on my embroidery. I'm doing more dish towels. Not a real busy day, but productive. Now for the pictures............

This is an area at the back of the back yard that Ronnie has been working on getting cleaned up and mowed and incorporated into the yard as a whole. The storage shed/barn will be behind these trees. Anyway, I raked up all the little sticks and leaves and cleaned it up. I had 3 or 4 wagon loads with my "mower" and little wagon. I think it looks pretty darned good!

This is another little area in the back yard that we worked on and I raked up. It made a perfect spot for my "pond" and a chair; and a place to get out of the sun and sit and read or just be.
I love it. Since this picture, I bought a beautiful pink Hydrangea and potted it and put it out there. Will take a picture when the rain quits! ha

And this.........ta da.....
is my first harvest of Kale. Remember we only had 4 little plants..........well, yesterday morning I went out and picked 2 quart bags full! Will have some for supper tonight; I can't wait. I love Kale. Having never grown it before, I don't know if the plants will keep producing or if it's a one shot deal. I guess time will tell............unless one of you can tell me!

And here we are back at my cactus patch! Now there are about 19 flower bud pods on the paddles. I can't believe how they are growing and getting ready to bloom. Apparently, below the bloom a fruit forms, and it is edible. I'm hoping when they bloom I can snap a picture and show you all.

So, that's the end of my pics for today. I did want to comment on tomorrow and those crazy cultists who are saying it's the end of the world..........apparently they don't read the Bible. At least not the part that says no one will know (or can predict) when Jesus will grace us with his presence again. Enought said about that.

Last, but by no means least, Sunday is my baby girl's 40th Birthday! How time flies. I hope you have a really awesome day Sonja and pray that God blesses you with many more birthdays.

Until next time, take care and God Bless.


Sonja said...

Thanks, Mama. :)

carolina nana said...

Yes Ardith your kale will keep producing until the heat of summer causes it to flower and get tough.
We cut ours back and leave the stubs in the ground ans sometimes we get surprised with a nice mess of kale in late fall or early next spring from the same plants.Don't know if that will work for you in OK or not.
We had kale for supper last night,it is my favorite green.
Blessings to you.