Tuesday, May 10, 2011

In The Back


I seem to be fixated on the back yard this week! Maybe because it is finally coming into it's own, and looks like something you could enjoy!

These two, Patch on the left and Salli on the right, are the keepers of the outdoors. It is their job to keep the wild critters, i.e. skunks, possum, racoons, armadillos, fox, coyotes, deer, and the occasional stray cow or horse away from our plants. Now that is a big job! And they do it quite well, with minimal barking during the night. You just gotta keep the cookies at hand and everybody's happy. And don't make fun of Salli's big ears........that's her Blue Heeler showing. :)

And this is my "new" old rider mower (w/o a mower deck) that I use to get around the acreage. The little wagon is great for hauling the branches and sticks I rake up to the burning pile. You might recall I had a different Troy Bilt mower a while ago, and it quit running when it sucked up a tank of gas into the engine - literally. So it needs some work. Ronnie found this one for $25 and it runs great for the interim. And it even came with a mower deck that we might put back on. But for getting around without the pain of my artifical hip and bother of my COPD, it works great.

A few posts ago I featured my paddle cactus we found out in the weeds. They had little shoots on the rim of the paddles, and look at them now! I cannot believe how fast they have grown. I guess all the rain and then heat we had really did a number on them. It's so interesting to watch them grow. We had 90 yesterday and 89 the day before that and clouds today, with possible thunder/rain storms tomorrow or tonight. Spring is so changeable!!

So that's if for now. I thank God for the blessings he has given me, and His patience in my discovery of them. Know what I mean? Until next time, take care and God bless.

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