Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day


Happy Mother's Day to those who are and those who are to be! Seven Mother's Days have gone by since I lost my Mother, and I still miss her! I suppose one will always miss loved ones, especially Mothers.

My middle daughter called me this morning and we chatted for an hour. That was a nice surprise, as we don't talk on the phone very often as she is busy raising her 5 children and working too. She works at home - a medical transcriptionist - but it takes a lot of her time.

I was out in the back yard and couldn't resist taking a photo of my kale; it is growing really good! And the tomatoes don't look to bad either. I am so anxious for the tomatoes to mature so I can taste a "real" tomato and SAVE MONEY! Unreal what they charge in the stores.

Apparentlyl the dogs are doing a good job of keeping critters out of the box garden at night, as none of the plants have been destroyed. I know whenever I hear them barking during the night that there is something running around out there, be it coons, deer, possum or armadillo. Good job garden body guards! The sun is shining so bright it makes my tomato patch look dry and desolate! It really isn't.........

I am looking forward to a nice supper of grilled flat iron steak, pasta salad, green beans,Italian bread and later strawberry shortcake. Hope you all have a great evening. Until next time, take care and God Bless.

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