Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Garden


One day last week we planted our "garden". There are 9 tomato plants of various varieties and 4 kale plants. The tomatoes are Lemon Boy, Beefsteak, Early Girl (I think) and a Cherokee Heirloom. I can't wait for the Cherokee one to mature; the fruit is a deep purple / black when ripe. Should be a real taste treat.

The reason we have so may tomato plants is we are hoping at least 2 or 3 make it through the wind and rain storms, not to mention through the wild critters. Last year we think an Armadillo dug up one of our plants! I've never grown kale, so am anxious to see how that goes. I love it - way better than spinach!

Since Saturday we have had about 15+ inches of rain and more is forecast for the next couple of days. The thunder and lightening and rain and wind is unreal. I'm amazed that the plants have survived it so far. Keep my maters in your prayers! :)

These two following pictures are of the paddle cactus we found kind of out in the brush in the back/side yard. I cleared out around them some and was amazed to see all the new starts coming along the edges. I'm hoping to build some kind of a rock garden around them and put in some other succulents. Lord knows we have plenty of rocks, boulders, etc.!!

That's all for tonight. I hope this finds you all well, and drier than we are! We can't even get to town for the flooding roads. Our gravel road has washed completely out where the "creek" crosses it. We are waiting for the county to come and repair it. But I guess we should count our blessings in that we have avoided a tornado; thank you for that Lord.

Until next time, take care and God Bless.

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Paula said...

Good Morning, Ardith!
Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog about Lily... she is a mess for sure.
Your garden is going to be wonderful! Beefsteak tomatoes are one fo my favorites- the others being Mr Stripeys and Better Boys.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE kale... I can make a meal out of that with just a pan of cornbread! *YUMMO*
Hope you dry out soon...
Please stop by my place and leave a comment anytime!