Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fort Gibson, Oklahoma


I am finally getting around to sharing my pictures of Fort Gibson, OK. If you are at all interested in history I think you will enjoy them and hopefully will search for other sites to learn more.

Fort Gibson was built/opened in 1824. It's purpose was to keep peace between the newly arrived Western Cherokees and the established Osage Indians. The fort was an ending destination for 1000's in the Trail of Tears. In 1861 the Confederate troops evacuated the fort and it became a Union headquarters until 1865. In 1890 the fort was closed.

The above is a very short synopsis of the history. For more pertinent information google Fort Gibson, OK.

This is of course the official marker of Fort Gibson.

This is an outside view of the back of one of the "barracks". Of interest to me was the tower at the end -- just like the sets you see in movies, etc.

This is a cannon out in the middle of the "parade grounds", which I'm sure in the 1800's was all dirt, not grass.

This is either a well or a cistern, located outside the only two-story building in the square. There are 4 buildings forming the square enclosure of the Fort, with the center being the "parade" grounds.

These next two pictures show one of the three (3) barracks. One being just a view of one of the rooms in the one barrack. The rooms were set up for from 2 to 4 soldiers with a desk besides the bunks. Very interesting.

I think there were 8 or 10 "separate" rooms in each barrack. You can take a tour and go in all 90 (I think it was) rooms of the Fort. I did not do that!

So, history lesson completed. It was very interesting to me. I hope it peaks your interest and you have fun with it. Until next time, take care and God bless.

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