Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Water is Almost Within Reach


Here it comes! Ronnie on the big backhoe digging the ditch and Tom on the tractor covering up the ditch after the pipe is laid. In this picture Ronnie is coming towards the house from across the field.

I think at this point the ditch splits and goes down to Tom's house and over to our place. So there is some kind of valve to direct the water - when it comes - to both houses.

More of the same. It's hard to believe that in the not too far future you won't be able to tell how this was all dug up. The total feet of ditches is over 2000. That's coming from up the road, down along our neighbors property line and then on this property to the houses.

We were supposed to have "city" water by this Friday, but after the big thunder and lightening and hail/rain storm Sunday night, it will be a little later. The ditches have to dry out some I guess, and we have to wait for the city to come turn the main valve and do whatever else they have to do. Seems strange to me that the guys are doing it themselves with no help from the city - except for 500 feet of pipe. I guess that's country living for you!

Here is where it will come into our house. I'm so anxious for this: no more salty showers, salt collecting on my scalp, spots on my dishes, my whites turning yellow, the bathroom fixtures staining yellow/brown/gold, etc. It'll be just like uptown!

So cross your fingers and say a prayer that it stays halfway dry and there are no problems and we get hooked up soon. This will be a red letter day I tell ya! The donkeys will be happier too.

Until next time, take care and God Bless.

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