Friday, April 8, 2011

Another Week Gone


Well, the calendar says that Spring is here; and the weather today was more like summer! It is now 82 outside and it is 8:00 p.m. Tomorrow is going to be another very warm, humid day as well. But back to Spring: The time for planting tomatoes. Ronnie just had to have one of these topsy turvy tomato planters so I obliged him and bought one. He got a tomato plant and a pepper plant and proceeded to "plant" them and hang the contraption on the corner of the front porch. If you look carefully, you might see a half dead tomato plant coming out the bottom, and the dead? pepper plant on the side. He says he probably over-watered them. I say the darned things don't work no matter what! I'm going to plant my heirloom tomato in the raised bed with a cage around it to keep the Armadillo's out! :)

Some time back I wrote about trying to fix my electric golf cart and get it back in to running order. Well, I found it needed at least one new battery (at over $100 ea.) so I gave up on that. We took it to a place that sells carts and they gave us $75 for it; which was better than nothing, besides getting rid of it. I then started looking for a riding lawn mower without the blade deck. And lo and behold, I found one on Craigs List. This is it, in all its red glory.

It's a Troy Bilt, so I assumed it was a good brand. The young man wanted $150 and I offered $125 and we had a deal. It has a 22 amp motor (or some such) which is quite big for a mower I'm told. Anyway, Ronnie got it running just great and I was putting all over the yard; down to my brother's new place, out to the donkeys, pulling the little trailer for hauling branches, etc. Loved it. Then it got very low on gas and Ronnie filled it up; which was a horrendous mistake! Something sucked that whole tank of gas up through the engine and out the front. Now it will still run, but it sends out smoke like it's on fire! I'm beginning to think I'm not meant to have ground transportation up here in the Oklahoma hills! :) Maybe at some point when Ronnie has nothing to do, he will take it apart and see if he can fix it. I can only hope.

The other thing I wanted to share was how I used to just hate to cook/fix dinner. Seemed I couldn't think of things to make, and didn't really have any ambition to cook. Well, then I was reading a blog - Homemaking on the Homestead - and saw where she posted her menu for the month. I decided that was a great idea and proceeded to make a monthly menu too. I used some of her ideas and recipes, some from my Simply Delicious magazine and some from the Better Homes & Gardens magazine and some from my old cookbook that I hadn't made in years. I'm telling you, it surely makes a difference! I enjoy cooking now, grocery shopping seems easier and even Ronnie likes the idea! So if you are having similar trouble, try the menu idea.

Now, I think I'm all caught up with the stuff I've been doing for about the last 2 months. I've still got my trip to the Fort to share though; will get to it soon. I hope you all have a blessed weekend. Until next time, take care and God bless.
P.S. If the blue characters still show up I'm sorry. Don't know what I do wrong.

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