Thursday, April 7, 2011

How Quickly The Time Passes


Here it is Thursday already! I can't believe how quickly the week has gone by. I guess it's true that the older you get the faster time goes by, just like when you are near the end of the toilet paper roll and "zap", it's gone! Or something like that. :)
I think I'm just going to do some catching up today, so bear with me.

This, my friends, is the best invention since sliced bread! I heard this 24 hour lipstick by Maybelline advertised on television, so I had to get some and try it. I seldom wear lipstick because it never stays on and I am not one to carry a tube around and re-apply. Now, I mean to tell you, this stuff LASTS for 24 hours or more!! Yesterday morning I put some on and have had 3 meals and drinks since then, and it is still looking quite nice this morning! And it doesn't rub off on anything. Imagine waking up looking so gorgeous in the morning! ha I love it.......I've bought 3 tubes at just under $8.00 a tube, so there's my allowance for this month. :) Seriously though, give it a try.

One day last week when we went WalMarting it turned out quite expensive. Besides all the groceries we ended up buying a new battery for the pickup and a new Kodak printer for the computer. Its the one that is supposed to save you money on purchasing ink cartridges so we'll see. The black cartridge is just under $10 and I think the color combo was $20, so not bad. It is black and sleek looking and prints, copies, and scans; all we need. Our old one was also a fax machine which we don't need anymore, so it was okay that it quit working!

On Tuesday I went WalMarting all by myself! That is always fun, when I can take my time mosey-ing around and not have to worry about Ronnie being bored and tired of waiting! I also went to Atwood's - a farm supply type store - and looked around. Of course I ended up buying a new curry comb for the donkeys and some fly spray. The darned horse flies and others are eating them up! Makes me so sad for them. Eeyore has little blood dots all over his nose and under his eye. Now I just need to get them to stand still and let me put the stuff on them! They don't like the spray so I guess I'll have to soak a rag and wipe them down with it. The clerk in the store also said you could wipe them down with diesel fuel and that worked as well. Always fun to talk to people and learn new info.

Tonight is my favorite television night with Grays Anatomy and Private Practice. I guess I'm hooked on doctor shows while Ronnie is hooked on CSI type shows. Good thing we have 2 televisions.......... Well, the dishes are calling so I had best get busy. I hope you all have a great day and take time to thank the Lord for all your blessings. Until next time, take care and God bless.

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Kathleen From Eggs In My Pocket said...

Hi, I just have gotten the chance to catch up and read your posts. The donkeys are so cute! I always thought I would like to get a donkey....but they are a little out of my grasp yet. I still have much to get ready if I were to get one. Don't you love them? How nice it was of Jackie to come and visit. The eggs look wonderful! I am going to have to try that lipstick! I am forever wiping mine off and looking pale! sigh.... Enjoy your weekend! blessings,Kathleen