Saturday, December 10, 2011

This and That


Hey! Remember the picture I tried to take of my Christmas tree and posted a few days ago? Well check these out!!

The one above and the one below show (or try to show) my ornaments I made from last year's Christmas cards. I think they really look nice!

More close ups of the ornaments. In the one below, is my favorite. It's an angel jingle bell that one of my granddaughter's gave to me a few years back. During the rest of the year it hangs in my room on a mirror as a reminder of her.

And THIS my friends, is what is left for me and Ronnie!! Ahhh, but all is well. We just remember the things we got during the year when we wanted them!

So much for the tree saga! Yesterday was great. Took Ms Salli dog in to get her annual rabies booster. She weighed in a respectable 47 lbs and was a good girl. Ronnie had to carry her in of course, because when you put the leash on her she instantly freezes up! But, guess what?! Leaving she actually walked out on her own on the leash!! First time ever. Yay!!

Stopped by Dollar General on the way home and got new batteries for my camera - yay it works now - and some "money" cards for my grandkids. I can't believe I actually found 6 different ones. Then of course had to go by the bank and get the money to put in them! So now my "shopping" is done; what a breeze! If you wonder why I give money kids all live 2000 miles away and mailing rates are awful. Besides, I have no idea what they want/need and what kid doesn't like to get money?!

Also stopped by a new thrift store on the way home. They have some nice stuff and it was fun looking around. Got myself a sweatshirt that says Florida (go figure), a book by my favorite author, a china cup and saucer for my tea and a blanket for Salli to lay on in the bedroom. All that for a mere $8 and change. Will have to keep an eye out for sure. Also, it's nice to know they take donations so you have a place to get rid of stuff! :)

That's all I know for now. Have a great weekend. Take care and God Bless.

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