Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kitchen Decor and.........


Hello again! Tonight I want you to see the beautiful carpet runners that are now in my kitchen (tongue in cheek). I tried to get something with as much red and blue in it as I could, so it would go with the rest of the kitchen decor. See below.

The purpose of these carpets is to make it so Salli (dog) will/can come into the kitchen. She was coming in with no problem, but then a couple of times she got spooked and took off on the slick laminate flooring and looked like a dog on ice, without the skates! Ever since then, she refuses to go into the kitchen. Which may not be a bad thing you say, but it is when you want to let her in or out the back door, or want her to come in to give her some food, etc. The runners did the trick.........she goes trotting right through the kitchen now without a problem. What we don't do for our pets!

Now, this next picture is of a contraption that supposedly gives you a moist, succulent baked chicken. Simply put a can of soda or beer in it and then plop the darned bird over the can so it's standing up so to speak; and bake in the oven.

I guarantee if you do the above, you will end up with this; a sparkling clean oven!

I have never seen such a mess in an oven in my life! Grease was splattered on all the walls, bottom and top, racks, and door. And that on top of what was already dirty in the oven really demanded an instant cleaning job! As for the chicken, Ronnie and I decided we'd rather stick to fried chicken! I suppose some of you will swear by this gadget, and if you do, happy cooking!

That's all I know until next time. Take care and God Bless you. And I'll see you on the bus!

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carolina nana said...

Thanks for the info I've always wondered how one of those things work. I knew it wouldn't be as they showed it on TV, haha !!
Merry Christmas