Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving


Here it is Thanksgiving Eve, and I imagine most of you are busy prepping things for dinner tomorrow. We are going to some friends house, and Kathy loves to cook! So guess what? All I'm doing is making a pumpkin cake; which is in the oven as I speak! Can't wait..........and she is such a good friend, she sends leftovers home with us (we were there last year too). So I don't miss out on that all important turkey sandwich while watching TV in the evening. Just thinking of all that makes me happy!! :)

This picture below is of the pecans we bought from an orchard the other day on the way home from buying groceries. It was so interesting talking to the lady of the farm, and finding out about the pecan business. She said they have 300 to 400 pecan trees, and only one person working for them to harvest them! He uses a funny looking ball with spoke things on the end of a stick and rolls it over the nuts and it picks them right up! Amazing! Inside the big barn type building they had a fire going which was big barrels stacked up and the heat pushed down a pipe coming out under the pecans in a wire trough. After they dry them, they crack some, shell some and do a mixture of some and sell them to the public for $20 a 10 pound bag. I bought 1 bag and got about 10 cups of shelled pecans; works out to about $2 a cup, and you can't buy them in the store for that, as you know! She said the trees were planted in 1947, which makes them almost as old as me!

I'm thinking I might go buy another bag before the season is over........

I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. It is my favorite Holiday of the year. I can remember cooking a huge dinner for 20 or more in days gone by. And I love to eat with those who have no family close by - which is what we do. It helps when my family is 2000 miles away! I know they will all be getting together and I wish them a wonderful day..... I'll miss them, but all the noise and hustle and bustle not so much.

I will count my blessings and give thanks to the Lord.

Until next time, take care and give thanks for all your blessings.

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