Friday, November 25, 2011



Our Thanksgiving was very nice. I consider it a blessing to have found such wonderful friends as John and Kathy; here are two older couples whose children are far away, sitting down to enjoy good food and each others company and taking the time to be thankful for what God has given us. I think that is truly what the term "extended family" is all about.

The table was set so nice, with a mixture of "cowboy" and china!

We had a small turkey with all the trimmings (not shown :)

And lots of desserts! Our weaknesses in our "old age"...........

And a picture of Kathy taking pictures too!

We made it home around 4:30 or there abouts, and settled in to favorite chairs - after feeding the "kids" something. Because we ate early, about
6 p.m. I made two turkey sandwiches on yeast rolls for a snack! Yes, my dear friend sent home oodles of leftovers so we could enjoy the evening sandwich.....and more. At 8:30 p.m. we settled in to watch Lady Gaga's special and had some more dessert! As surprised as you might be to hear us say this, we really enjoyed her special.........she is quite the young woman, and very talented.

So! We had a blessed day, full of food and fellowship and knowing that all is right with our world. I hope you all had a day to remember too.

Until next time, take care and enjoy your blessings!

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