Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Another Road Trip


Saturday rolled around as usual, and I thought Ronnie and I would go do something, but brother Tom beat me to it. He and Ronnie took off in the morning and went to Muskogee shopping! And I'll tell you, I was so tired of being in this house for so long I decided I'd go by myself on a little excursion!

Of course, had to pass the chicken barns on the way out. Coming right along! These buildings are so huge I can't imagine the cost of all the lumber, steel for roof and cement floors and side walls. Amazing! Oh, they don't show in this picture, but there are 2 porta potties that keep getting knocked over by the wind and rain and earthquakes! Poor workers!

Once out on the road, I headed for Talequah, OK. That is the capitol of the Cherokee Nation, and a nice mid-sized town. The road I took up there winds through the Cookson Hills and I do mean it is hilly and curvy! But the colors on the trees was well worth it. Beautiful!! I came home another route, not wanting to do all the curves again, and that included the Muskogee Turnpike. A nice straight shot and good road all the way. I covered a little over 114 miles all totaled.

While in Talequah, I went to a farm/supply type store and bought an electric heater that looks like a small wood stove. Will be nice to take the chill off and pretend I'm watching a real fire! Once I get it all fixed "just so". Cozy.............

It was kind of dark in the living room, but you get the idea.

Sunday Ronnie went shooting - again - so I went to church with my friend Judy. This is a really small church, but is closer to home and everyone seems quite friendly. It's called Green Valley Baptist, and it does sit in the middle of a big green valley!

Yesterday, Monday, was of course laundry day. Also ended up going to Sallisaw to WalMart because I was out of flea medicine for Salli. And of course that means you might as well pick up some groceries, etc. I was really worn out come last evening. But, as I was sitting in my big chair watching Dancing With The Stars, my chair started shaking! and that really perked me up! We had another earthquake at 8:46 last night. It's the first one I've actually felt, and it only lasted what seemed like a couple of seconds. But there were also tornado warnings and watches last night and early this morning we had thunder and pouring down rain. If you need a variety of weather, come on down to Oklahoma! :) It has rained so hard our road is washed out again so I am home bound until the county comes to fix it.

Today is our 13th wedding anniversary! We were going to go out to dinner, but can't get out; so Ronnie made a huge pot of his yummy chili and we'll gorge ourselves on that! I am grateful to our Lord for keeping us safe and blessing our marriage.

Until next time, take care and enjoy God's blessings.

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