Friday, December 3, 2010



True to my word, I did a little bit more decorating today. I went out this morning with my trusty little saw and cut boughs off a cedar tree that was mis-shapen and ugly.........but the boughs were pretty. Now I have to say, between the naked eye and the eye of the camera, my beautiful pots of greenery lost a great deal! In person they look very pretty. It was fun doing them anyway. Here are the results.

And of course there is my Christmas Goose! He seems to be the only one of my "birds" that survived the "fowl" play of the coyotes. Guess you gotta be thankful for what you've got! :)

I'm hoping this weekend to get my bins of Santa's and Snowmen and my tree out of the storage trailer. Then I'll have something to do for sure!

I also played some Christmas songs on the piano today to get more in the mood. It was great.

Then we took Salli to the Vet for her last round of puppy shots and scheduled her appointment for spaying next week. When we got her 2 months ago she weighed 8 pounds and is now 28 pounds. She would be a little more if she hadn't been lost for 5 days!

That's all I know. Have a great weekend. Take care and God Bless.


Sandra said...

Bet your greenery smells wonderful too!

Lorilee said...

I've been decorating too! My husband has one of the "its a jeep thing" on his white jeep.