Monday, December 6, 2010

It's A Done Deal


Hooray! I finished decorating today!! Right now I really like it and think its very a couple days I will think it's cluttering up my house and will want to take it all down. Which I do the day after Christmas! It's not that I'm a Scrooge about Christmas, I just don't like clutter, or too much "stuff" sitting around! But anyway, on with the show.......

This first picture is part of my collection of Snowmen. I just love Snowmen. The 2 white ones in the middle were made by my youngest daughter's kids several years ago, and one's head is about empty of rice or beans or whatever, but I still love it.

Even the couch has its own Snowman - on a pillow.

This big guy sitting on the piano plays music when you squeeze his left foot. Cute.
And the "Cowboy" Santa on the table is, of course, Ronnie's. He plays a Christmas version of "Rawhide" and his lariat moves and his arm with the hat goes up and down. He will probably make a trip to the cowboy shooting range this coming weekend. Almost forgot, his hips rotate too!

This is part of my collection of old fashioned Santa's. There are still some BIG ones and my porcelain set with Santa, reindeer and polar bear; but not enough room!

And this is Bugs Bunny's Brass Band. Of course Taz is part of the band(Ronnie has/had a thing for Taz). It plays 20 different Christmas songs. Ronnie had this when we got married. It looks really cute under the bunch of greenery.

And this is our poor little tree. It is fiber optic, but that didn't show in the picture. This tree was my Mom's, and I think it is about ready to be retired. Like next year I think. We love it anyway.............

Besides doing all that, I got the laundry done, burned papers, fed critters, cleaned bathrooms, etc. Busy day. Tomorrow I'll show you the kitchen decorations. We spent 6 hours at church yesterday - Sunday School, Church service, potluck and our pastor's ordination service. Was a long day, but very enjoyable. Lots of singing of Christmas carols and other songs, and fellowshipping.

I've been contemplating getting my hair permed (I do this every year about this time) so I used the curling iron on it the other day. Let me tell you, I cannot wait to get to the beauty shop and get a haircut! Even Ronnie said curly hair was for little old ladies - a nice way to say it made me look like one! It was disgusting. I'm hoping I can get in tomorrow.

Well, I hope this finds you all busy and well. Take care and God Bless.

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