Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!


And we are in the month of December! I'm decorating for Christmas a little bit at a time. Takes less energy that way and makes less mess. :) Here's a look at some of what I've done.

This picture is my absolute favorite so far. It just speaks to me of olde west Oklahoma with cowboys, horses, a ranch,etc. This is the entrance to our driveway, and if you did not turn right into it, you would be going down the steep hill on the side of the "mountain".

This of course is my dear piano with lights around the mirrors to give it some sparkle. Eventually I will have my Snowmen collection on top of the piano.

And this is of course above the cabinets in my kitchen. It gives it some sparkle also. And I'm thinking the lights will stay even after Christmas. I love 'em!

Ronnie has outlined the front and back porches with lights and it looks really cool. Of course no one really sees it but us and the dogs, but hey, we love it! I'll post more as I get to it.

Had a great shopping trip to WalMart today. Ronnie went to Tulsa with friend John for more metal roofing so I felt free to look and take my time for a change! Boy did I shop! Got some new shoes, 3 new pairs of slacks, some socks and other stuff that my brother would say is too much information, and just shopped in general. Was really fun........until check out time! ha

Hope you all are getting in the spirit of the Season (remember, Jesus is the reason for the season). Take care and God Bless.


carolina nana said...

Love those lights around your cabinet. I think you should leave them up too.
Have a blessed tomorrow

Sonja said...

We got all decked out too! Just wish we would get more snow now.