Saturday, December 18, 2010

Getting Settled


Now that Tom and Mary are here permanently, they have a lot to do to get settled! I snapped this picture of Tom working on getting stuff out of the big truck. I think it was the refrigerator he was after; had to remove the passenger seat to get it out!

Mary had a huge job getting all the clothes and food and utensils and sundries out. Can you imagine living - and I do mean living - in that small of a space for any length of time? I sure can't. The next pic is just a shot of the back of the truck.

And the transition is from the above truck into this 5th Wheel. Quite a big improvement actually! The hay bales are to try to keep the wind from blowing under and keeping it a little warmer inside. This will be their home until the containers are transitioned in to a house! Don't know exactly when that will happen as a lot depends on the weather. Of course Patch and Salli had to get in the picture!

That's all I know for now. Take care and God Bless.

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