Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday, December 27, 2010


I know that a lot of the United States is having some terrible, stormy weather; with snow and more snow, flight cancellations, automobile accidents, etc. But here in Green Country, Oklahoma this is what we had today: the most beautiful, bright blue sky you can imagine. I thank God for being so kind to us. We are supposed to get a little bit of rain on Wednesday, but nothing major, and only 1 day. It has been cold - 18 this morning warming to high 30's - and windy, but will warm up a bit later in the week.

AND, the good weather prompted an "addition" to the 5th Wheel.........a new set of stairs was built today. And guess what? They were built for Gator, the overweight, very short-legged Dachshund because he couldn't get up and down the stairs built on the 5th wheel! And Mary was tired of carting him up and down. Too funny! Maybe I can catch a picture of him tomorrow.

Frick and Frack went to town again yesterday and today I think. Had to get something!

We had a very nice Christmas dinner; ate too much but it was sooooooo good. Yesterday I de-decorated the house so I am all back in order and I love it! Hope you all enjoyed Christmas. Take care and God Bless.

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Lorilee said...

How sweet to accomodate the dog! I love the haybales around the 5th-wheel. I would assume it is to help keep the cold wind from blowing underneath! Sadly, I was completely sober just distracted during my baking fiasco!
Christmas Blessings,