Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Kitchen & Misc.


This is the last posting of Christmas decorations........I promise! I know it must get a little boring after a while, but if I have to suffer through it, so do you!

This is just a shot of the coffee table in the front room, showing my favorite Snowman box! Nothing in it, but I'll think of something....popcorn or candy, etc.

This is the dining room area of the kitchen. I love my table cloth and place mats. They really bring the spirit and color of Christmas into being. And the 2nd picture shows the wreath hanging on the double window by the table. It's kind of dark, but you get the idea. Actually looks pretty darned good.

This is a vase of greens I set on the little island. But I've since relocated it into the guest bathroom with a metal snowman and a little stuffed rudolph.

And this.......this is KING JAX, sitting in the rocker wondering what the heck I am doing putting all this "stuff" around the house! He can't get on top of the piano any more now, and things just aren't the same!

And last, but not least, is my little Snow Cleaning Lady with her broom and bucket. She lights up and it sitting right next to my computer. I only wish that when the time comes she could really help clean up all this stuff!

All in all, it has been fun decorating since we really didn't do it last year. It was kind of like opening presents and finding things you "forgot" you had. It just came to mind that I didn't show any of the "Christ" decorations........just trust me that they are there. I have a ceramic cross on the wall that gives the story of Jesus' birth in cutout pictures; kind of like a nativity. And the nativity scene is on top of the bookcase. We sometimes get carried away decorating and forget to focus on the real reason we celebrate: The birth of our Savior. Amen

Take care and God Bless.


Sandra said...

love your festive decorations; Merry Christmas to you/yours!

Sonja said...

Aw, it all looks so cute. You've really made your place cozy and homey. So glad we can share this way with the miles between us. :)